Versailles Tuberose Grand Casablanca Diffuser

Versailles Tuberose Grand Casablanca Diffuser

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These magnificent porcelain diffusers are elegant, unique and long lasting. Featuring a glass canister and porcelain flower head, they will add a touch of opulence to any home space. These diffusers can be kept forever and refill fragrances available for purchase.

Versailles Tuberose Fragrance Notes:
TOP NOTES, Tahitian Tiare Blossoms
MIDDLE NOTES, French Tuberose, White Heirloom Lilac, Muget
BASE NOTES, Ceylonese Sandalwood, Sheer Vanilla, Musk

Product details

Materials: Glass and Porcelain

Size: 8.89 cm x 10.8 cm

Oil Volume: 200ml